Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Davidelfin Spring/Summer 2011

"Destroy and Rebuild" is the part of the inspiration that best describes the Davidelfin Spring/Summer 2011 Collection. The looks were repetitive in nature, yet each look had a distinct piece missing, or added from a total look. The straps held each piece together (not literally). The neon straps worked at times, and sometimes it seemed a bit random. I really liked the accent the straps added to the bags the men carried in the show.

Photos: Style.com

I saw pieces in the collection that could really work in editorials and maybe a red carpet (I'm thinking Janelle Monae); the deconstructed tuxedo look, indicative of Davidelfin, was done with taste, and didn't appear to be a jacket with long material attached to it.. it was all done on purpose, and that was conveyed in the collection.

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  1. The evening gown shown in the second picture is so interesting. It’s amazing, really. I can see that the torso leads into a cut up back with very unique designs. Jovani has a dress with a very unique torso as well, check it out here:



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