Saturday, September 11, 2010

Review: Buckler Spring/Summer 2011

Menswear brand Buckler presented us with a playful, masculine collection that could fill the closets of any sartorial gentleman. Inspired by 1920's German modernism and the 1924 Olympics, Andrew Buckler took us on a journey of the classic modern man. I interpreted it as a glimpse of the life of a young man unabashed in his sense of style; from practice, to a night on the town, to the Olympic ceremonies, the 1920's gentleman has shown the present man how to be style driven for every part of the day. Lucky for us, Buckler is here to bring us modernism from that era.

The looks are very relaxed and carefree, with lots of lightweight fabrics, plaid and tailored jackets; a very intelligent way to look polished without having to put forth too much effort.

My favorite look was the khaki Whitehall long trench paired with the red Nu Franklet pants; very simple, yet just enough to make a bold statement.. my kind of look!

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