Friday, September 10, 2010

Runway Rundown: Richie Rich Spring 2011

When you hear the name Richie Rich, you have to expect larger than life. You expect bright colors, over-the-top production, and drag queens... He gave us all of this and more during his Spring 2011 Runway Show. Can I call it a runway show? Perhaps a mini circus? Either way, it captured the minds of each spectator, whether there for fashion, or to see what craziness would be brewing from the Richie Rich brand.

The show started off with a ballet number, and a SICK DJ/Violinist routine to grab our worked..
Then, the runway show began with 25 looks that were rather tame for Richie Rich; bright colors, but very wearable (even the shirt dresses with his face on them). After the last "look" I thought it was over.. but I then realized the show had just begun...

After that part of the show, the finale starts with each of the looks walking out, and then there is a pop of confetti in the air.. who comes out??

ELLEN DEGENERES!! She is everywhere, and I love every minute of it!!

All in all, the show was indeed entertaining, and had some rather wearable pieces to it... of course I'm talking about the dresses...whether you think mesh underwear is wearable; that's up to you.

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