Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kanye West Interview with Matt Lauer

I finally got a chance to check out the video clip of Kanye West and his Today Show interview with Matt Lauer.. I must say that it wasn't as bad as most people have made it out to be, and I kind of understand why he was annoyed by the interview. I'll just share a few thoughts after watching the clip..

Kanye said that George Bush does not care about Black people. not once did Kanye call President Bush a racist, and it was amazing to me how Kanye allowed for his response to Bush's comments to address calling him a "racist." Perhaps that is what Kanye really meant at the time, but I find a big difference in apathy (not caring) for a race, and thinking that your own race is superior than another (true definition of racism). It was too easy for President Bush to be angry about being called a racist, but in actuality he was NOT called that.. not by Kanye anyway..

It seemed a bit forced to make Kanye apologize, and the only time "sorry" came out of his mouth, was in a quick mind game with Matt Lauer. As soon as Kanye agrees to being "sorry" Lauer says "I get it" and attempts to move the conversation along. I respect Kanye for taking the time to recollect his words and express his true feelings towards the situation. If he isn't sorry, then he isn't sorry! How many times does he have to say the word "empathy" to get his point across to everyone?

Say what you want, but Kanye is telling the truth.. racism exists in America, and its becoming more systematic in nature than ever. Not just against Blacks, but against Mexicans, Muslims, Whites, etc. I'm glad that he didn't allow his "apology" overshadow a real problem here in the US.

I'm actually annoyed that Kanye West always has to come on a show to apologize for his thoughts and actions.. I respect him as a musician and I totally influenced by his intelligent sense of style, but I don't consider him a public influence on society... he is free to have his opinion and express them in any way he wants to.

My conclusion is this... Kanye West is an intelligent and insightful guy who says most of what others only think about. Many times his actions are out of immediate emotion, and if he wants to be a public figure, he needs to learn how to practice self control. If he wants to be the rebel who speaks his mind with no remorse, then he needs to be that person 100% and not allow mainstream media dictate his level of "empathy" for others... Its totally his choice.

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