Thursday, November 11, 2010

Red Carpet Rundown: CMA Awards 2010

The 44th Annual Country Music Awards were aired on Wednesday, and while many of today's contry music stars are full of raw talent, they aren't as talented in style. Because of this, my list isn't as large as what you may normally see from other awards shows. There were two ladies that caught my eye this year, and both of them were gowns with dramatic splits.

Gwyneth Paltrow, though new to the country music scene, is no stranger to style. Clearly she would come to the show and be the best dressed woman in the building. With wearing this whimsical, sexy Atelier Versace gown with her skin being just as much part of the dress, who wouldn't welcome her to the world of Country (or any world). I think she has been taking pointers from her BFF Beyonce.. don't ya think? This is definitely a Beyonce type dress.

Taylor Swift does simple, and does it very well. She knows the silhouettes that compliment her slim shape, and she never over-accessorizes.

Non-singers were among the worst dressed list for the night. Non-singers who are normally among the fashion's fiercest, but truly missed the howdy boat this time..

Leighton Meester - I mean, were you shredding movie scripts in your gown before leaving the house and didn't have time to change? What is this?? It looks like she wanted the skirt short, so they ripped it off, but then she changed her mind and they stapled it to the back. And then the hair and make up...Oh wait!! I get it now... Wednesday Adams...getting in a fight with Cousin It before dinner... yep.. thats what this looks like.

Nicole Kidman looks like she went into a doily shop wearing nothing but glue, and then fell. Those red shoes do nothing to help her out either. Its too short, too white, too lacey, and too much.

Hope you're ready for the AMA's on November 21!! More Red Carpet Rundowns!!

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