Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 Golden Globes: Red Carpet Review

WOW, what a great Awards show tonight! The styling that is... While there were a few looks that needed better editing, the Red Carpet at the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards was full of luxurious, classic looks for both ladies and gentlemen. With the obvious fashion rebels such as Helena Boneham Carter and the rebelious (and super chic in my eyes) Tilda Swinton, there were a few misses, but tons of hits!

My favorite designer of the night was Calvin Klein, as his bright, bold streamlined gowns looked amazing on Emma Stone (left) and Claire Danes (right).

Best shoes - Olivia Wilde hands down! Thats a "Monstah Shoe!"

Here are my Best Dressed for the night:

Anne Hathaway - Sexy, bold, unique, young, sick -- I even liked the shoulder pads, but the back of the dress was dope!

Halle Berry - with face alone, she could be in this category, but her Nina Ricci gown added to the timeless beauty off Ms. Berry. Lots of leg, yet elegant as the illusion of length emerged as she strutted across the red carpet. Totally on trend with the sheer overlay..

Ryan Gosling - He murdered this look! I am inspired now for my next formal function...

Brad Pitt - Main reason; he is wearing patent leather shoes! Formal from head to toe.. unlike some who couldn't even shine their shoes before stepping out in the day time with a tux...

Here are a few looks that needed some more editing to make it a better look:

January Jones - This is a very unique look, but I think that the fit of the top was a bit much. If the mid drift area was covered, then this would have been a top look. Very sexy though.

Justin Bieber -- I liked the fact that he did sneakers; very teenage of him.. but he is too young to have on a three piece tuxedo. A simple tux with button hardware, bow tie (or no tie) and sneakers would have been the perfect look for him.

Natalie Portman - Very simple, and I found that to be surprising, since the dress is made by Viktor and Rolf. The red rose almost convinced me that it was Viktor and Rolf, but it didn't translate well on the Golden Globe winner.

Jennifer Lopez - She may be getting too old to have her breasts out Versace style back in her Diddy days, but she is too young to have on a lace cape. Ditch the cape, and that would be a very sleek, sexy look for J Lo.

Julianne Moore - Rip off that poof elephantiasis sleeve, and the dress would have actually been a knockout for Julianne.

There are two looks that definitely needed more than a small edit...

Christina Aguilera - curtain... what else can I say?

photos: Zimbio

Gabourey Sidibe - (sigh) where do I begin... Plus size women should never do sequins, purple leopard, and butterflies.

..Alright SAG Awards.. You're next!

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