Monday, February 28, 2011

83rd Annual Academy Awards Red Carpet Review

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards ended hollywood's recognition of actors, directors, and all things on the big and small screen, and wrapped up a very successful Red Carpet season.  Successful in the sense that for each awards show, including last night's Oscars, the list of best dressed took effort to narrow down, whereas the worst dress list too effort to identify a handful.  It may be because stylists and actresses decided against taking chances (except my Best Dressed, whom you will see below) and instead stuck to a safer, glamorous option.  Lucky for 90% of the Red Capret, it worked. 

Trends On the Carpet:

Shear Perfection:
Jennifer Lopez started the trend at the Golden Globes, and while the look was hit or miss (definite miss on the Ave), the trend caught on with other starlets, and changing the look from bolero to an addition of the gown made the look seamless and elegant.  Hailee Steinfeld, Mandy  Moore, and Michelle Williams demonstrated this look with ease last night, going with the nude color to add more of a floating illusion with the embellished overlay.

Red on Red:
A very sexy option for this year's awards season.  It takes beauty and attitude to make a red gown stand out on a red carpet.  Anne Hathaway in vintage Valentino, Jennifer Lawrence in Calvin Klein, and Sandra Bullock in Vera Wang emcompass all the qualities needed to bring Red to life on the carpet. 

Liquid Luxury:
Metallic gowns have become an essential element to formalwear (Thank you Naeem Khan); this season, it changed from gold to silver.  Gwyneth Paltrow in Calvin Klein (best dressed nominee) and Celine Dion in Armani Prive give us all the precious metal we could ask for.  Simple, chic, dripping of luxury.

Sexy after 50:
Annette Bening, Helen Mirren and Sharon Stone show that you don't have to be "young Hollywood" to leave an impact on the Red Carpet.  These three ladies demonstrate what true Hollywood glamour should be; sultry, sleek, and effortless. 

Best Dressed:
Cate Blanchett - This look has seen the full spectrum of opinions.  Even I had to take it all in before I could truly accept the beauty in this piece of wearable art.  Only those who understand the true art in fashion can appreciate this cotoure gown by Givenchy.  Only someone as intelligent and fashion savvy as Cate Blancheet could wear this.  Perfection!

Hilary Swank - Not just that her name is amazing, but this dress is the best of both worlds; chic and dramatic.  And, a pro at Red Carpet looks, Ms. Swank knows how to pose to show off the details in the train. 
Florence Welch - This may be a surprise, but I am in love with Florence's look.  The Valentino gown is romantic and feminine; different from the unique, edgy vibe that Florence normally exudes.  The color of the gown almost washes her out, but she is saved by her red hair and the Red Carpet.

On the Fence:
Jennifer Hudson - Beautul color, beautiful dress from waist down... but the problem comes from the chest up to the hair.  Too much loose boob action, and way too much lace front wig caused a gawdy unfinished look on the songstress.  We are all proud of the transformation Jennifer Hudson has done, but that doesn't give a free pass to over expose the body in ill-fitting gowns.

Worst Dressed:
Both looks will induce the urge to eat dinner, as one resembled a lace table cloth, and one will bring cravings to eat at the nearest Japanese Steakhouse.

Melissa Leo - The Oscar win and the F bomb almost overshadow the dress, but it's not quite off the hook.  The fabric is so stiff that there is no flow factor at the bottom.  The dress is overbearing, heavy, and not fitting for an Academy Award winner.
Nicole Kidman - This should not be a surprise, as many have listed her on the worst dressed list.  She has become a regular on this list, and each season I anticipate her climbing back to her previous reign as best dressed.  Maybe next season.

**Photos Courtesy of Getty Images**

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