Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gaddafi, Sheen, Galliano: Triple Threat to Society and Themselves

These three men have a few things in common; infamous quotes, lucrative talent, and substance abuse.  Each of these men have been controlling the airwaves for negative reasons that even the best of PR reps can't undo.  Each are in trouble due to their own words and actions, and are likely influenced by the drug(s) of their choice.  These three (and no half) men have been known to be mentally unstable, despite their talent within their craft; a talent that places them among the wealthiest in their industries. Granted, of these three, there are more serious repercussions with the unrest in Libya and Gaddafi's power, than with Charlie Sheen's self-destructive behavior, and Galliano's anti-Semitic words that can't compete with smallest of sticks and stones.  In each case, their fall from grace is presently inevitable, however they need to seek help and cease their actions and dangerous life choices before death becomes the final consequence. 

Libya will go on, Dior will go on, but can Two and a Half Men continue without Sheen's tiger blood and Adonis DNA? 

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