Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Review: Binetti Fall Winter 2011

Binneti does it again this season with another pleasantly overwhelming collection for Fall/Winter 2011. Binetti mastered the art of combining true fashion with style by adding abstract accessories with his luxurious fabrics.

The collection was so masterfully complex that something new is discovered at each view; who wouldn’t want that to be the case for their wardrobe? Using metals, feathers, and crystals, Binetti created a story to each look, allowing the imagination to explore it's limits. Whether it was the exhausted Egyptian Princess, to the old-world socialite who had a gift of prophecy, the collection presented creations that could stand the test of time, and perhaps even define fashion’s future.


  1. His name is Diego, Diego Binetti.

  2. Too bad so little pictures... BUt thx to You I found a great inspiration :D Ur blog is amazing. I can see a lot of hard work putted in it :) Love it! Mine is new and I am still working on it :P but see for urself :D http://agisense.blogspot.com/


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