Thursday, February 24, 2011

Review: Hardy Amies Fall 2011

To find truth in the idea that men still dress like men, focus your attention on the Hardy Amies Autumn 2011 Collection.  Different from the layered, carefree looks of most menswear collections, Hardy Amies keeps the existence of the debonair man real and current.  Inspired by the 1920's and Ella Fitzgerald, designer Claire Malcolm created a modern take on an era of Men's fashion that is truly emulated by the most stylish of gentlemen.  From luxurious casual coats to formal tuxedos and dinner jackets, the collection gives men the chance to tackle any dresscode.  Each look had a modern twist to break away from the monotonous tone that comes with dressing in this form of attire.  Mixing turtlenecks with tuxedos, and adding bright bold cardigans to a simple, clean trouser adds the regal effect to each look; a fitting homage to Sir Hardy Amies' legacy of expert tailoring and royal artistry.
Channel your inner Great Gatsby and Rat Pack dreams with the impeccable style and fit of these top looks from the collection.  


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