Wednesday, October 19, 2011

QTips: GOP Debate and Bachmann's White Jacket

Last night's CNN GOP debate in Las Vegas was one of the most entertaining debates this season - in fact, entertaining is a far better descriptive than informative, because, aside from fences, illegals, and Obama, there weren't too many other words used last night.  Wayne Newton was an exciting edition to the debate, and Anderson Cooper's purple tie was very sharp and non-partisan.  Rick Perry and Mitt Romney gave us a wonderful dramatic interpretation of any Real Housewives Reunion (Mitt being NeNe, and Rick being Kim of course).  Herman Cain wasn't as outspoken as normal, but his soaring popularity kept him in the midst of the heated discussions.  Ron Paul impressed and scared us at the same time, and Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich both faded in and out, strategically being places on the far ends of the stage so that the cameras wouldn't have to pan pass them to get to the real contenders of the candidacy.

This leaves Michelle Bachmann, who besides her "" plug, had nothing memorable about her debate, except for her white jacket decked with gold buttons.  Bachmann's jacket had a love/hate reaction across the twitter waves, and it didn't truly serve her much justice, as it looks exactly like the red high collar jacket that Sarah Palin wore during the 2008 campaign.

In any event, white jackets are popular this season, as the fashion rules have added a clause that white is perfectly find after Labor Day.  If Bachmann wanted to make an even bigger statement, she - and you - can be inspired by the following jackets.

Ann Demeulemeester, $1375
This jacket is an edgier version of what Bachmann wore last night with a crisp high collar, beautiful silhouette and flashy button detailing.  Furthermore, the collar is totally removable, giving the jacket an entirely different look.

Alexander McQueen Zip-trimmed Bouclé-tweed Jacket,, $9,615
White and gold, with added length in the bottom gives this jacket edge, dimension, and sex appeal that may help Bachmann get the votes from the younger female demographic.  Bachmann could go "Hillary Clinton" and wear pants with this jacket for an ultra-chic debate experience.

Balmain Studded Flag Jacket:, $20,440
For the ultimate "I'm On TV suckas!" statement with patriotic flare, this jacket will blow your socks (and saving account) out the water!  Its no doubt that with a price tag like this, pundits and campaign managers would put Bachmann under fire, but hey - its Balmain - at least the fashion world may throw a few votes at her. 

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