Monday, November 21, 2011

Red Carpet Review: 2011 American Music Awards

Judging from tweets and other social media channels, the 2011 American Music Awards wasn't as exciting as expected.  Aside from the AMA's being a giant Fiat commercial, and the total upset of the night when Adele didn't win artist of the year, the show had pretty regular, average performances, and even more underwhleming style.  Perhaps because the headliners we would all anticpate seeing - both musically and style-wise - were nowhre to be found.  Beyonce? Rihanna? Kanye? Lady Gaga? Thus, the Red Carpet was barren and didn't leave much to analyze.  Here is my review of the best and worst of whatever it is we saw on the AMA Red Carpet.

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Best Of the Night - Or "Best of What We Got"

Katy Perry -
In typical Asian-inspired form, Katy Perry tried something new on the carpet - instead of going with one colid color, or metallic, she opts for a printed piece, popping it with a bright blue shoe.  This look rides the fence on whether its a true style moment, but I thought it worked well with her overall hair/makeup. 

John Legend -
Always dapper, John went for a black on black look - but what really set this apart from being basic was the details of his cufflinks.  Something as subtle as adding large gold circular cufflinks to the look made this an edgy moment for the singer.

Jennifer Lopez -
Nude and beads were deifnitley her theme for the night, as she channeled 90's Britney Spears for her long, Vegas-like performance (and Fiat commercial).  Her award-acceptance gown looked great on her, proving that age and twins don't have to define how sexy you are.

Worst Dressed - Or shall I say, "Prom Night"

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber - "Prom Queen/King Contestants"

Prom 2011? The couple may not be 13, but they definitely have 13 year old faces.  Trying to pair those faces with adult clothing looks very awkward.  Selena's dress was way too heavy in the front, and Justin's jacket was something Hugh Heffner would wear.  Teenagers shouldn't smoke, and shouldn't wear smoking jackets. 

Mary J. Blige - "The Chaperone Who Missed Her Own Prom in 1987"

The typical white pant suit is MJB's thing, and aside from the shiny black shoes, she looked great during her performance.  However this multi-animal print gown she is wearing for the Red Carpet is all wrong for her. Wrong fit, wrong colors, wrong everything.

Lil Jon - "Dropping His Cousins Off at the Prom"

Not only was he not announced for his performance, but he had a tragic moment on the Red Carpet.  Duck boots are in.. but baggy cordouroy should not be tucked inside the boot.  No prom for him.

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