Monday, November 21, 2011

Q-Tips: Glove Guide Inspired by Drake's AMA Performance

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If you saw the Drake performance from the 2011 American Music Awards, you know that his hand moves more than Mariah's during a performance.  With Drake's hand being his hype-man for the night, you couldn't help but notice those Nike gloves he was wearing.  Not sure of the statement or funcitonality those gloves made for Drake, but it inspired me to help any of in the market for a new pair of gloves.  Gloves are to be functional, warm, and add something to your overall look if you plan on wearing them indoors.  If its strictly to keep your hands warm outside while you are biking and/or hiking.. then his Nike gloves may have done the trick. Otherwise, these are suggestions to what he should have opted for:

Marc Jacobs Fingerless Gloves $88
A statement hand acessory, the fingerless glove has style and functionality written all over it.  You can use your phone with ease, and it can add edge to your look.  These are perfect and ideal for someone performing indoors, and would have added some spunk to Drake's all-black attire.

Lanvin Gant Teinte Leather gloves $335
The washed grey color of these Lanvin gloves are so unique and would get you away from the traditional black glove. 

Moncler Lightweight Knit Gloves $200
Moncler is one of the premier cold-weather brands, and these knit gloves aren't oversized,and would fit your fingers, allowing more movement.

Burberry Wool-Lined Leather Gloves $375
Leather gloves are great, but become even more winter-ready when lined with wool.  This amazing tan color, paired with the iconic Burberry check will make a luxurious statement with your look.

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