Wednesday, November 16, 2011

X Factor Hopefuls Channel Watch The Throne Fashion

 It looks like the contestants of X Factor are just as inspired by the Watch the Throne fashion that those who went to the concert. First, Rachel Crow is dressed like Kanye West from the Watch the Throne Tour in a leather pleated skirt and leather leggings, and now Chris Renee is wearing the controversial Rocawear tee on air. Jay-Z got negative reviews for gaining revenue off of the sensitive subject without any record of donating proceeds from sales, but it seems that Chris Renee and the producers of the X Factor didn't get the memo. Chris Renee wear's the  "Occupy Wall Street" (Occupy All Streets) tee shirt which was once on the Rocawear website, but as since been taken down after much backlash from the public.  While the shirt isn't vulgar or controversial, and its a creative take on the Occupy Wall Street phrase it goes to show that there wasn't any research done before letting him wear the shirt.

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