Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Q-Tips: How To Wear Givenchy Like Kanye West

This is how Givenchy styled Rob Evans for the Fall 2011 Campaign Ad.  Powerful, relentless, and, for the lack of better words, fierce. 

The full Givenchy Fall 2011 collection by Ricardo Tisci was very aggressive and Gothic in nature, introducing rottweilers throughout the collection.  You can tell that there was a certain man in mind with these designs; a confident, arrogant man with money to spend and style to capture.  It's no question that Kanye exemplifies this Givenchy man, and it was no surprise that he would wear Givenchy from beginning to end during the Watch the Throne Tour.

After the Kanye West reveal of the leather pants, kilt and rottweiler tops, its only a matter of time that people will start wanted to try this trend. Givenchy is amazing, but it definitely artistic in nature, and works well with those who have a true sense of fashion. There's nothing classic or traditional about it, so there are some rules you need to follow in order to wear the Givenchy Rottweiler like Kanye West. In order to show you HOW to wear it, I will give you rules on HOW NOT to wear it.

1. Don't mispronounce Givenchy. Jee-von-shee... Got it?

2. Don't blow your entire check, or dig yourself into more debt buying this shirt. The black button down rottweiler shirt retails for just under $1000. Just for the shirt.  Imagine how much the jacket and shorts cost. 

3. Don't eat that last doughnut! - The collection looks much better on slimmer guys, because it pairs with slim fit pants, and/or leather tights. Would you really want to see a man in size XL tights?

4.  Don't wear with denim - Unless it is black denim in a slim or skinny fit.  This look will not match well with blue denim, no matter how dark the wash. You really should be executing the look with shorts and tights, but for those of you not ready to go all the way there, stay with a slim fit pair of black pants. 

5. Don't overdress the look - The collection was styled with sneakers, so going with black loafers may take away from its urban aesthetic.  This is why Kanye's Nike Air Yeezys worked so well with the look.  Basic black sneakers with white soles (think Gourmet, or Clae) will also create a complete look.

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