Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Duran Duran Releases "Girl Panic!" Short Film

The 80's takes you back to when real models, were the main attraction of music videos; from the colorful days of George Michael's "Freedom" to Robert Palmer's "Simply Irresistable" and "Addicted to Love." Duran Duran, a band known from this era, is bringing the sound, and the beauty back with their new music video for "Girl Panic!" The video features a team of supermodels that have kicked - or possibly thrown a phone at - the limitation of age in the face with their timeless beauty.  Naomi Campbell, Helena Christiansen, Cindy Crawford, Yasmin Le Bon (Yes, Simon Le Bon's wife!), and Eva Herzigova play to 80's band, and transforms the music video into an uber chic editorial campaign for the band.   Though Yasmin is married to the Duran Druan front runner, there was no way she would get that role with Naomi Campbell on set.  Instead, Yasmin plays the part of an unknown guitarist, who is likely the part of Dom Brown who is an unofficial member of the band.  The rest of the cast, playing the part of Nick Rhodes (Herzigova), Johon Taylor (Crawford) and Roger Taylor (Christensen) add the attitude - and sometimes the accent- to complete the ensemble.

Check out the new video below! Its guaranteed to inspired your style, and anti-aging regiment.

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