Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Friend or Foe? Herman Cain Interview for BET Network

Herman Cain has offered an interview to Black entertainment Television - a network that many would believe Cain would shun from.  Not that his background, including his church affiliation, college Alma mater, and family makeup, would insinuate a problem with the Black community, but rather his previous comments about African Americans and their extended stay on the "Democratic Plantation."  After a roller coaster campaign, Cain has now fallen from the ranks - a GOP peak that clearly had no large African American influence - and now wants to address those that favor "Our Beloved Obama" over Mr. 999.

The Curious Case of Citizen Cain, premiering on BET Thursday at 9pm EST,  will potentially reveal the following conclusions; One, perhaps Mr. Cain wants to make amends with those whom he offended by showing support of the network, thereby attempting to gain a larger African American fan base; or Two, he was internally offended at the lack of support and would say anything anti-Obama for political gain.  Both are relevant, and hopefully both will be revealed during Cain's interview with Emmett Miller. Many of you may have the "don't try to be friends with us now" attitude, but if you have seen the previews of the special, you know that Cain doesn't hold back his feelings of the Democratic pull on African Americans, and his opinions of Black leaders who led Black America astray.  Be sure to tune in to judge whether or not Cain wants friendship, a clear name, or Newt Gingrich support from the Black Community.

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