Thursday, January 19, 2012

Vivienne Westwoods Inspiration FROZEN PLANET Debuts on Discovery Channel (TRAILER)

The Fall 2012 Collection by Vivienne Westwood was influenced by FROZEN PLANET, a documentary by British naturalist David Attenborough, that details the lives of polar inhabitants.  From baby polar bears to caterpillars with antifreeze in their veins, the film gives you a educated perspective on how life manages the frozen parts of Earth. The short film put Westwood in the mind of the early explorers in the 20th century that may not have been equipped for true North Pole exploration. Tweeds, blue lips, and literal "winter bearding" frosted in ice portrayed a fashion-forward interpretation from Westwood in response to the vivid, graphically genius chronicle of polar life forms the film presents. FROZEN PLANET, a co-production between Discovery Channel and BBC, will debut on March 18, 2012 on the Discovery Channel at 8pm EST. Check out the trailer below!

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