Monday, January 23, 2012

Lessons From Paris: Fall 2012 Fashion Week Menswear Trends

The Parisian element of style has graced us for another great week in menswear.  Some trends from Milan were also seen in Paris, and there were some unique moments presented that defintiely marked its territory on the Ave.  Here are five lessons learned from menswear fashion trends in Paris.

Lesson #1: Winterize Your Face (l to r; Thom Browne, Adam Kimmel, Boris Bidjen Saberi, Juun.J)


Designers found some pretty creative ways to keep your face protected from winter weather; some are a bit more intense than others, especially the spiked masks from Thom Browne.   At least those could double-function as a snow plow if needed.

Lesson #2: High Waists Aren't Just for Urkel (l to r; 3.1 Philip Lim, John Galliano)

The high waste is making its mark as a statement of fashion; no longer just a nerd indicator.
P.S. - Nerds are IN.

Lesson #3: Count on Capes for 2012 Style: (l to r; Yohji Yamamoto, Mugler)

Count von Count from Sesame Street still does this trend the best, but you can be a close second with cloaking yourself in a designer cape.

Lesson #4: Don't Hide from Camouflage; It's Here to Stay.  (l to r; John Paul Gaultier, 3.1Philip Lim)

Camouflage may have appeared to be exiting out of trend, but Paris brought back the coveted print very strongly, especially in the camo-friendly collection by John Paul Gaultier.

Lesson #5: Speak Up with Prints
(l to r; Christian Lacroix, Louis Vuitton, Dries van Noten, Miharayasuhiro)


 From adding printed shirts, to going full out with a full body piece of art, prints add dimension and take away some of the seriousness that sometimes comes with men's fashion.

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