Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jon Huntsman's Wife Speaks Out on Campaign

With Michelle Bachmann and Herman Cain out of the race, and with Ron Paul surprisingly doing well in the polls, its no easy assumption as to who will be next to leave the GOP candidate race.  One has to choose between Rick Perry and John Huntsman; and with Perry losing terribly in Iowa, but continuing onto New Hampshire and Sounth Carolina with his running tights and shorts, it leaves Huntsman out in the open to fend for himself! 

Aside from a very moderate, educated, current view of the political stature, Huntsman has his three beautiful daughters, and a beautiful wife!  Mary Kaye Huntsman is starting to speak out, and is looking great while doing it.  Check her out below in a CNN interview with Soledad O'Brien this morning, wearing an off-white jacket, and wearing it much better than Bachmann.com ever did!

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