Monday, February 13, 2012

Brandon Sun Fall 2012 Collection

When I read that Brandon Sun's Fall 2012 Collection was entitled "Silent Assassins,"  I began to think of what does every silent assassin need in her toolkit.  Likely, she would need a dark color palette, slimming silhouette, and of course sharp objects.  Usually attacking unnoticed and undetected, you may also require her to exude a confidence and level of flare in order to lure her target.  The descriptions are above are a natural thought process of what you may have envisioned for your own "Le Femme" moments; Brandon Sun brought this to life.  Telling a tale of peaceful ferocity; where targets may not lead to massacre, but upward movement in today's society.  Sun sought out to offer looks to women who are "today's initiators, leaders, and innovators."  Brandon Sun designed complete looks to compliment his amazing craftsmanship of outerwear with the never ending element of fur.   

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