Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oumlil Fall 2012 Collection - Menswear

Hisham Oumlil has an understanding of today's man that extends beyond the current state of menswear fashion.  Inspired by "men working behind the scenes - building, innovations, and creating," the Oumlil Fall 2012 Collection was a display of looks that any man would want to wear at any occasion.  From formalwear, to arrogantly handsome moments of color, Oumlil hit the 'M's' of Menswear; Modern, Masculine, and Mature.  The collection is so perfectly crafted and tailored, that even the most conservative of industries would have no choice but welcome the Oumlil dress code.  Politicos wearing purple blazers? Attorneys wearing bright yellow coats? Developers in lavender trousers? With such a classic, bespoke approach to menswear, there is no rule broken with this collection - only rules created.   Oumlil used the contrast in color and texture to create dimension with his tailored pieces; most notably the coats with contrasting lapels that matched the lining.  The accent of bands around the arm, and the satin stripes that ironically went halfway down the leg of the tuxedo trousers added a geometric element to the collection.

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