Friday, August 29, 2008

Fashion at the DNC: Day 4

"Eight is Enough" - Barack Obama discussing the need to change from the past 8 years with a Republican President.

Last night marked the most historical day of this years Democratic National Convention. Exactly 45 years after Dr. King's iconic speech on the Washington Mall, Barack Obama changes history and proudly accepts the nomination for President of the Unites State of America. Across the nation, groups of supporters of Obama's grass roots efforts held watch parties for last ngiht's speech, and it is only a continuation of the growing support and movement of Obama's call for change. Visit to get involved with the campaign and contribute to History.

OK, lets get to the fashion of the night.

Normally I focus in on Michelle Obama (she still gets her own blog post), but I first have to comment on Barack Obama's tie he wore for this speech. It was the PERFECT tie for the night. I usually like woven silk ties because they add texture to an outfit, but he made the perfect choice by going with a red silk tie with pinstripes. Excellent choice. His suit, as always, was tailored to perfection, and the jacket had the center vent, which gives the suit a more traditional apperance.

Another fashion sighting at last night's event was Susan Eisenhower, granddaughter of the late President Dwight D. Eisenhower. She, coming from a republican family, came to the convention to declare her support for Obama. What makes this outfit spectacular is the neck of her jacket. Very futuristic. Hillary could take lessons from Ms. Eisenhower.

John Legend and Will.i. Am "performed" at the DNC last night. I put "perform" in quotes, because I really can't call it a performance without being disappointed. First off, they had the audible footage of Obama louder than both John and Will, so it made them look pointless. Secondly, was it a wise choice to put Obama's "Yes We Can" speech to music, since the republicans accuse Obama of being a Rock Star? In any event, I really liked John Legend's outfit. Surprisingly, because he had on white pants and a white blazer with sneakers. This works for this reason.. the structure of the pants. They are 100% cotton, with a khaki look. so its acceptable to wear it the way he did. Both of them had on some sick sneakers, and I want both pairs.

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  1. I love Sen. Obama's tie. Not many can pull off patriotic and smooth at the same time, but he nailed it.


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