Friday, August 29, 2008

Michelle Obama Fashion: Democratic National Convention Day 4

This has to be one of Michelle Obama's biggest moments of her life... to stand and watch her husband become the first African American to accept the Democratic nomination for President. I can only imagine how hectic the day is for the Obama family, and everyone else participating in the DNC's daily events. Here is what Michelle wore throughout Day 4 of the DNC.

Earlier in the afternoon, before Sen. Obama's speech, Michelle was wearing a blue sleeveless dress, with piping on the skirt. This has to be the best outfit she has worn all week at the DNC. I really like the shape and fit of this dress on her. It has more structure than the wool dress she wore during her speech, and a better choice for the DNC. She has on another brooch, in which I am still not a fan of. Its a bit of an eye sore to me, because it focuses attention right at her cleavage. Since the dress is so plain, there is nothing else to look at but that brooch. Even with the brooch, this is still my favorite outfit for Michelle O.

Later in the night, First lady Obama wore a printed wrap dress that stopped above the knee. Not a fan of this look at all. I don't really like the color or print of the dress, and again she has something front and center on her cleavage. I'm also a bit frustrated that she continues to wear flats to each event. Yes, she is a tall woman, but embrace the height and add a few inches with some pumps! Flats don't imply "fly" to me, so I would like for her to enhance her "flyness" by putting on some heels.

I normally wouldn't bring children into this, but I think that those two little girls of Michelle and Barack are so fly. Some think that the oldest is showing too much skin, but its summer time and she is 10. Whats wrong with a 10 year old wearing spaghetti straps? Especially when she is so classy and elegant that she can walk and the straps not fall off of her shoulder? I don't know too many adults that can pull that off!

So... I think we are all seeing a pattern here.. Each night, Michelle has worn a brooch, or some detail that sits on the front of her chest. I have repetitively expressed that I am not a fan of that look. What do you think about it? Do you think that the cleavage brooch will be a part of Michelle Obama's signature style, just as Hillary Clinton has the signature 3 piece suit of only one color?


  1. Okay, I thought I might have been the only one. She's always stunning, but last night's ensemble was not the most flattering thing I've seen her wear.

  2. Not flattering! I am sure she will correct the faux pas.


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