Monday, September 8, 2008

MTV VMA Recap: 1.5 out of 10

Normally I watch awards shows at the edge of my seat, ready to give you my realtime reactions of every memorable moment... Well I tried this time, but my realtime reaction would have been this ".............................................................."

This year's Video Music Awards was horrible. Boring, awkward, horrible! The opening of the show was boring, with the "special" appearance of Brittney being a not-so-funny skit between Brittney and Jonah Hill. It felt too forced and I don't recall laughing at all... then she comes on stage and basically says "Hello, welcome to the VMA's" Her "special" appearance wasn't that special..

The set up of Paramount studios was not special either... they panned around the studio, and I thought that I was watching the Ellen show. It was so small, and not appropriate for the VMAs... then again maybe MTV knew the this show would suck, so they didn't want to

Then Rihanna opens up with the first performance of the night. I love Rihanna, and her style, but this performance was so disconnected that I ended up turning the channel for a minute or two. With all that was heppening on stage, her vocals didn't match up.. it was as if she was way too nervous to perform on stage. I think she does better when she has a mic stand, and she just sits there and sings... I dont think she can work the stage and put on a good vocal performance at the same time.

I can't bash Rihanna too much, because all the performances were awkward. The only two performances I really liked were the Lupe Fiasco and Katy Perry performances... too bad those performances weren't shown in its entirety! The two best performances were musical interludes.. wow MTV.

Pink had a mild wardrobe malfunction... towards the end of her performance you saw breast, and double stick tape... The trench she had on at the opening of her performance was hot though... I could see Cindy McCain in that... maybe not (even though Cindy McCain can dress, she is NOT that hip).

Enough of this! Conclusion - MTV is falling off and they need to get in new talent to help with next years VMA's. Call me if you need insight, cuz I make stuff hot! I will post my best and worst dressed of the night, but as far as the awards... here are the few things I actually liked:
1. Katy Perry's gloves
2. Kanye's suit

3. Rihanna's appearance from below the stage when she performed with T.I.

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