Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bravo Filling Voids with New Fashion Series

As the producers of Project Runway are now looking for contestants for the now Lifetime series, it is a reality that we will no longer tune into Bravo for our fix on reality fashion.

This isn't stopping Bravo from keeping fashion on its network. They already have "Make me a Supermodel", and next month "Fashion Show" will premier with Issac Mizrahi as judge and Kelly Rowland as host (the basis or validity of Miss Rowland still baffles me.. almost similar to Vivica A. Fox judging Glam God., but not quite as bad). Now Bravo is confirming another show, called "Launch My Line", that will be joining this growing list of series focused on the fashion world.

"Originally titled 'Celebrity Sew Off,' the series features a group of famous faces vying to launch their own clothing line. Each contestant will be paired with a fashion design expert who will help realize the celebrity's creative vision." - From Reuters

Wait....Celebrity's creative vision? Famous faces vying to launch a clothing line? Don't tell me this is going to be yet another C-List celebrity show where people along the lines of... Blossom and Charlie Baltimore will have a chance to create a sun dress and we have to watch this? I hope I'm pleased...

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