Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week - Trends From the Tents

More trends to tell you about! This is a brief post, but I feel that you should know about a couple of the trends I have seen over the last couple days. Day 1 we had geometric shapes and bright colors, but Days 2 and 3 have been all about the Jumpsuit!

Jewel By Lisa - ARISE Collection
Eric Raisana - ARISE Collection

Cynthia Steffe Spring Collection

Trend 1- Jumpsuits: Cynthia Steffe's show was full of true summer pieces and boasted a few jumpsuits with that perfect Spring pattern. The designers from this season's ARISE Collection also displayed an array of jumpsuits in many different patterns and fabrics popular from the Afircan Continent.
Trend 2 - Silver: While metallics are definitely going to be IN for S/S 2010, silver will be the hautest one. Silver mini puff skirts to be exact..

Trend 3 - ANYTHING with one shoulder. The narrower the strap, the better.

More to Come!

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